Why book with Us?

With Almost 8 years exeprience in the Tourist trade of Amsterdam. Ultimate Party knows the good and the bad of the City.
With many tried & tested products on offer, working with many proved and established partners, your time with us is bound to be reliable and hassle free, as well as a remembered one.......

What is a Pubcrawl?

A PUBCRAWL or sometimes called a bar tour, bar crawl or bar-hopping is when a group of people get together drinking in multiple pubs or bars in one night, normally walking to each venue.
Always great fun and can be an awesome way to meet new people (especially when travelling).
Ultimate Party has 2 Pubcrawls, both of which are part of "EUROPES FAMOUS PUBCRAWLS" and both of which are superb Nights!!
Choose our Club scene on our "Leidseplein Pubccrawl" or our "Red Light Pubcrawl" in the city's craziest District!

What is an Ultimate Party Booze Cruise?

An Ultimate Party Booze Cruise is an Hour and a Half of Cruising through the beautiful Canals of Amsterdam while drinking along with your Peers in your own open top Boat.
A great way to experience Amsterdam from the Water and a great way to enjoy a few Drinks while ducking and weaving through the many bridges and waterways of the City.

Why Party with Us?

Ultimate Party has been taking People on "Nights they wont Rememebr but never Forget" for over 7 years. Trust Us, we know how to do it. With Drink deals in many bars you wouldnt get otherwise, table service in clubs you might not know about and a group of hand picked party goers to take you on a journey you wont Forget. Our Nights are talked about through Europe and have fast become Famous!!!

What are the Benefits of a Private Tour?

Our Private tours are anything you want to be (almost). One of our Top guides can take you on his/her personal journey through the Crazy Streets of Amsterdam or you can take them!
Our Private Tours give you the freedom to do what you want when you want without the hassle of finding it. All, can include a Sex Show, a Pubcrawl, and a Banana Bar all with the option of Picking you up and dropping you off!!!

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