Getting around

Here is Our Top 5 ways to get around the Dam!

1. Bicycle:            

The easiest and most efficient way to discover Amsterdam. Possibly the cheapest but definitely the most fun way of getting around the city, cycling is an essential experience in Holland and most certainly Amsterdam.  With a Bicycle the possibilities are endless!

* Tip - Always rent your bicycle from a licensed vendor and use one of the many authorized locations to lock up your bikes.  Check out our recommended bike rentals

2. Tram:                

Taking trams throughout Amsterdam is a quick and direct way of hopping from one district to another. Most journeys either end or begin at Centraal Station and vary in cost depending on length of the ticket bought. Your ticket entitles you to unlimited travel throughout Amsterdam dependent on how many hours it states on your Ticket.

* Tip – Buying an OV Chipkaart (Smart Card) can be a cheaper and more convenient way of travel with an easy check in an top up system which is Valid on Trams, night buses and Metro.


3. Walking:          

Amsterdam is a large city with a small Centre. Walking is for sure the cheapest way to get around and is also one of the city’s great pleasures. Whether it be through the infamous “Red Light District” or the Canals from “The World Heritage Site” Amsterdam has a wealth of things to see on foot.

* Tip - Joining Sandemans Free walking tour is an easy, informative and excellent way to see and learn about some of Amsterdam’s most well known areas, laws and history.  See what else Sandemans Walking Tours has to offer:


4. Ferries/Boats:                     

Almost completely surrounded by water and with more Canals than Venice, Amsterdam is the Real Waterworld! There are many boat tours and trips running around the city offering food, drinks or just some general sightseeing.

* Tip - If your looking for the freedom to cruise the canals without the restrictions of a tour. Then hiring a pedal boat is a great alternative! Cheap and easy, pedal boats are a good way of experiencing Amsterdam at your pace!


5. Bicycle Taxi:  

Pleasant alternatives to conventional transport, Bicycle taxies are the Gondolas of Amsterdam. Great for small group travel and often at reasonable prices, bike taxies are a quick, easy and quirky way to get from one attraction to another.

* Tip - When hiring a Bicycle Taxi always look for a licensed taxi and discuss price and location before hopping in. 




Sometimes you just cant be bothered to walk, tram, or bike anywhere.  Or maybe you had a late night and want to get the special someone "home" for the night.  Or maybe the rain is just too much... either way, everyone loves to have their own Rent-a-driver every now and then.  If you want to hop in a taxi, trust our advice on this one, be picky.  Only use registered taxi companies in Amsterdam.  Our favorite being TCA Taxi.

Taxis in Amsterdam are known to be a little dodgy so use the only official company in Amsterdam - TCA Taxi   telephone: (020 7777777) thats 020 and seven 7's. Or download the app on your mobile device and press a button.  They will be there in no time.

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