Dos & Don'ts Amsterdam

Contrary to Popular Belief, "Not Everything Goes in Amsterdam"

Amsterdam is a free-wheeling City but push boundaries and you'll find yourself "locked up!"
To help you get the best out of this extraordinarily tolerant city we've put together a few Do's & Dont's to help you get the best out of your visit.........

Do : Check Out the Red Light District
A place like no other! The Oldest part of the City, surrounded by canals and frequently visited by people from all walks of life. The Red Light District is a must see (or visit) in Amsterdam

Dont : Take Pictures of the Ladies
If you want a Red Light Souvenir, buy a postcard. When Risking a snap shot, you also risk being doused in Urine or at least thrown in a Canal by the Hells Angels.


Do : Take a Walk Around
Its easy here to get couped up in bar, or watch time drift by in a Coffeeshop, but take a part of your day to wonder around and you'll appreciate this 400 year old city like no other. Surrounded by water, slumping buildings and some fabulous architecture Amsterdam is a great spectacle.

Dont : Pee on the Streets:
This mostly goes for men; however it can go for women as well if they wish to engage in urinating in the street. This is a popular trend for naive tourists who get to drunk, it's not only considered rude and unsanitary, it will also get you a fine of 300 Euro on the spot!!


Do : Get on a Bike
Cycling is something typically Dutch and a quality experience in Amsterdam. Known as the City of Cycling, getting you around fast and efficiently as well as teaching you some serious cycling etiquette.

Dont : Take a stroll in the Bike Lanes
If you're thinking of taking a stroll in the bike lane, think again! Never walk in the bike lanes as the bike riders won't stop for you. This is serious business, don't be a victim of this by not taking it serious. When walking around be sure your walking in the correct place!!


Do : Eat a Raw Herring!
You simply must try raw herring. We don't want to hear any excuses. . There's a quality fish stall or store around most corners.  This fish is a bargain snack and makes for an authentic Dutch eating experience. Garnish with Onions or Pickles and eat like the Dutch do!

Dont : Drink on the Street
It is considered ILLEGAL to drink on the streets in Amsterdam. With that being said, keep your alcohol in doors at all times. Not only will the police physically pour out your alcohol in front of you, you will receive a huge fine!


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