Amsterdam Free to Do

Bustling with museums, galleries theatres and concert halls Amsterdam has something for everyone. The only thing it is lacking in, is bargains!!

That’s why we’ve put this fantastic list together.

We are always on the look out for Awesome Free to Do's in Amsterdam and will update regularly with anything new.

Here are our Top free things to do in the Dam!!

Sandemans Free Walking Tour:        

Taking you on an historical and informative journey through the centre  of Amsterdam Sandemans Free Walking Tour  is great way to discover the history of the city as well as do a little sight seeing. Sandemans has pick up points throughout the city, you can also join at the beginning of the tour and booking online is also possible on there website

FACT – The Guides here come form all walks of life and are often multi-lingual offering tours in most well known languages

 Red Light District:

Leaving nothing to the imagination “The Red Light District” of Amsterdam can be a jaw dropping experience that you’ll always remember. Located in the heart of the city the Red Light District is one of the oldest and most beautiful areas of the city. When taking a stroll around the famous district among the many women, bright lights and sex shows you’ll be exposed to are some of Amsterdam’s best Architecture.

FACT – Prostitution is legal in many other countries across Europe but Window Prostitution is distinct to The Netherlands.


Situated on the Singel Canal just off the Koningsplein The Flower Market is one of the main suppliers of Flowers to the City. Offering a year round service which includes an option to send seeds and bulbs worldwide the Market itself is probably the most fragrant area of the city. It includes 15 florists and is famous for its typically Dutch Tulips.

FACT – The Flower Market here may not look it but it’s the only floating flower market in the World.

Vondel Park:

The Largest Park in Amsterdam and certainly the most famous in The Netherlands. Located in the South, Vondel Park boasts over 10 million visitors a year and is loved by locals as well as tourists. The Park itself hosts a Film Museum an Open Air Theatre and many bars and restaurants.

FACT – Vondel Park is constantly sinking and without renovation every 30 years would be completely sub merged.


The Largest science center in The Netherlands, entering the Nemo is not actually free. However, climbing to the top and viewing some of Amsterdam’s skyline is!
Located near to Centraal station, the Nemo is an immense green building above the IJ tunnel.
Heading to the top of the Nemo will give you a great view of Amsterdam, taking in large bodies of water, the windmills and many fantastic churches or clocktowers.

FACT –  The Nemo has almost haf a million visitors a year and is often compared to a Ship with its big green exterior situated right on the water.

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