St. Christophers

St. Christophers

At the beginning of The Red Light District, St.Christophers Inn offers luxury hostelling in a party run outlet.

St.Christophers at the Winston has to be your first culture stop in this over the top, Dutch City! Here you can upgrade to one of our 60 design hotel rooms – all decorated by local artists. You can choose from the Gsus Room, The Exotic Absolute Danny Room and much more! All the rooms are completely unique and worth a look.

Amsterdam is one of the World’s best hangouts, where the old is seamlessly blended with the new. It’s a city where radical squatter art installations hang off the 17th Century eaves, BMW’s give way to bicycles and triple strength, monk brewed beer is sipped in minimalistic café’s.

When you stay at the St.Christophers Amsterdam Hostel not only are you in the most central city location, next to all of the best attractions, you also have access to our very own private beer garden attached to the Belushis Bar. Add to that a built in Nightclub at the famous Winston Kingdom next door, and you cant go wrong.

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