Beer Bike

Beer Bike


Pedal and Power with Bikes and Booze

Bike through Amsterdam on your own Pedal Powered Bar !!

Attracting all eyes on the street your Beer Bike will seat up to 17 Persons and can hold up to 20 Litres of beer.
All Beer is poured by you from your on board Tap and all (if you choose) will be drunk by you!

You'll be Fuelled with Beer while you Power your way through the City all on the best bar with Wheels in Amsterdam! 

Minimum Amount: 6 people (small groups under 8 people might struggle with paddling)
Maximum Amount per Beer Bike : 17 people

*Beer Bikes Available Daily from 10:30am - 7:30pm



 6  till   9  people: EUR 350,-
10 till 13 people:  EUR 400,-
14 till 17 people:  EUR 450,-

*Due to high season we require at least a 7 day notice in order to cancel a booking. Cancelations within 7 days from the booking are not possible. In case of refund we will still charge for the credit card fees

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